about me

Hi My Name Is Melissa Dryer.

 In 2007 I decided to pursue my dream of doing something creative, something innovative while helping people and improving everything around us. That something was DESIGN. I studied at Indiana University’s Herron School of Art and design and received my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Visual Communications. I believe in order for us to create and design the best solutions we must determine the problem first. This concept applies to designing a logo to designing something non tangible.  That is why I work with in steps. Here’s my process:


Things That I Also Enjoy:

Hanging with my family, my husband Ephraem and my daughter Joci! Hanging with my Friends. Seeing and making art. Listening to music of all genres. Seeing dance and doing hula. Experiencing different cultures. Playing with puppies. Doing upgrades to my home. Trying new food…. aaaaaaand thats about all of it!